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An interesting development on the Bhikkuni ordination from Ajahn Sujato’s blog:



We have heard rumors that a press conference held by ‘Wat Pa Pong’ was going to call for increased control over Western monks. Thanks to Sanitsuda Ekachai, here’s a preliminary report.

I’m not sure who took part in the press conference, as it mainly uses the formal titles which are never used in conversation. And i don’t know to what extent this ‘press conference’ represents a collective action by WPP. The whole thing is so unprecedented. There are no pre-existing procedures in WPP circles that would enable such things, so whatever happens it is new. It is highly unlikely that the Western Ajahns were consulted, certainly not all of them or in detail. Like the Dhammalight website, or the emails from the supposed watpahpong@gmail.com address – which this interview says were not from WPP – it is unclear whose agenda is being pushed here. The claim is that the conference represents the views of a council of 12 senior monks at WPP. I believe this is an ad hoc committee set up in the wake of the bhikkhuni ordination. (more…)

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By now a lot of people would have heard about Ajahn Brahm being expelled from Wat Pa Phong organisation based in Thailand. Here are some links about what is happening:

I believe that most if not all Heartland members would be saddened by this act from part of the Thai Sangha of WPP. However, we should all remember that our alignment is to the buddhadhamma and not to any Thai laws or organisation. Its really a big lost to WPP to have excluded Ajahn Brahm from their organisation.

Here is Ajahn Chandako’s personal letter on this issue and reply from Bodhiyana monastery:

Here a letter from Bhikku Thanissaro on why the oridination of the nun is invalid and a reply

I continue to believe that there are many more members of the Thai Sangha and including the lay Thai Buddhists who may agree with Ajahn Brahm’s actions, but have not spoken out and may their wisdom and compassion shine through the Thai Sangha over time.

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